Cork Archaeology Firm Crosses its Rubicon

Shareholders of Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd (l-r) Colm Moloney, Louise Baker, Ross MacLeod & Damian Shiels
Shareholders of Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd (l-r) Colm Moloney, Louise Baker, Ross MacLeod & Damian Shiels

Headland Archaeology (Ireland) Ltd, Ireland´s premier archaeological consultancy is delighted to announce a fresh start as it is now under new ownership. The company management has agreed terms with Headland Group Ltd for the purchase of the subsidiary. This will be rebranded as Rubicon Heritage Services over the next three months.

The new owners, all based in the company´s HQ in Little Island near Cork, are confident about the future, with plans to break the UK market, valued at approximately £60m per annum. The company will retain all of its permanent staff and has just recruited an additional fifteen temporary archaeologists to cope with a significant increase in new contracts in Ireland.

The company has extensive experience in providing archaeological services and advice to the construction and development industry and has the full suite of archaeological services – the only `one-stop-shop´ for archaeology on the island of Ireland.

Director of Rubicon, Colm Moloney said “These are very exciting times. We are beginning to see real growth again in Ireland in our industry, with a significant increase in demand for archaeological services in the domestic market over the last few months. Our new independent status allows us to move into the UK market for the first time in our trading history, so we are determined to grab this opportunity and really grow again!”  

“Due to our previous involvement in the UK within the Headland Group, forging strong relationships over a decade, we are well positioned to break into the UK market and we are committed to making this happen within the next twelve months. This will mean big things for us, big things for archaeology in this country.” he continued.

Headland Archaeology, soon to be Rubicon Heritage Services, is currently running field projects in counties Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Sligo, Galway, Dublin and Louth and are in the final stages of production of eight books on projects undertaken over the last few years.

The new shareholders are Colm Moloney, Damian Shiels, Ross Macleod and Louise Baker.

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  1. IAFS

    Wow! great to hear of such a venture, best of luck guys!

  2. piotr

    ye……..good luck boys and girl !!!!!!!!!!!! maybe will be in the future any job for me……….

    1. Damian Shiels

      Thanks Piotr- hope all is good in Poland, say hi to Martha from us!

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