Rubicon Heritage Expands into Scotland

Rubicon Heritage Services, an archaeology firm which has recently announced its expansion into Scotland, has reported a growth in the archaeology industry. Colm Moloney, Managing Director at Rubicon Heritage Services, has announced the company’s expansion into Scotland has been a success.

We were delighted to get the opportunity recently to work with Murray Cook of Stirling County Council as part of a research project looking at the sites of St. Ninian’s United Free Church in St. Ninians and Logie Old Kirk on the road to the Bridge of Allan. Not only did it give us an opportunity to showcase our unique geophysics carts, but it also allowed us to share these new techniques with the local community.

We were at the churches to see if there was any surviving evidence to suggest they rested on earlier religious sites, possibly stretching back to Roman times. Stirling actually spent a brief period as part of the Roman Empire, and for about 20 years in the 1st century AD was part of the northern frontier of the ‘civilized’ world.