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FAME- Federation of Archaeological Managers & Employers

FAME Comes to Ireland!

FAME- Federation of Archaeological Managers & Employers
FAME- Federation of Archaeological Managers & Employers

Rubicon were delighted to host the December board meeting of the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers (FAME) at our Edinburgh office. One of the many great initiatives progressed at the meeting was an agreement to open membership to companies registered in the Republic of Ireland for the first time. Colm Moloney (MD of Rubicon) has been co-opted onto the board of FAME to assist with building links in Ireland, a process we hope will get the full support of the Irish commercial archaeology sector.

What is FAME? FAME is a trade association which brings together and supports the commercial archaeological sector and represents its views to government and other key organisations. It provides a unique voice both within the heritage sector and more broadly to support and protect the interests of commercial archaeological organisations.

Knowledge and Expertise.

FAME has a detailed understanding of the market place and is uniquely placed to advise Government, heritage agencies and other bodies on the nature, state and effectiveness of the commercial archaeological sector. It identifies opportunities for developing the sector, creating an improved commercial environment, and ensuring an effective supply chain. It is particularly well-placed to recognise obstacles and blockages which prevent the sector from achieving its full potential.

High-Level Representation.

FAMEs role and expertise is recognised by Government and by a wide range of heritage agencies and other bodies and works closely with key organisations in the construction sector. It liaises on a regular basis with Government heritage bodies, professional institutes and other key organisations to promote its members views and to protect member interests, and it also responds to a wide range of consultations on behalf of its members. It also promotes the value and expertise that its members bring to the construction industry and more broadly.

Research and Guidance.

FAME undertakes a range of research and survey to support its work including collating annual health and safety statistics. It also works with other bodies such as the Institute for Archaeologists to collate market and employment data. It also circulates a range of research information such as that relating to Health and Safety to its members on a regular basis.

Best Practice.

FAME promotes training and best practice for its member organisations in order to help them pursue safe and effective commercial practice. It issues guidance to its membership and provides opportunities, including an annual conference, where key issues within the sector can be discussed. It is currently seeking to identify and develop appropriate CPD for commercial practices in partnership with government and the academic sector.

Information Exchange.

FAME monitors the commercial archaeological sector and the broader environment and provides a dedicated channel for the flow of strategic information and news to its members. Its web-site, annual conference and regular cycle of Board meetings also allow rapid information exchange.

If you would like further information please check out the FAME website at