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Rubicon Heritage Adopt Skills Passport in UK & Ireland

As part of our continuing commitment to the Continued Professional Development of our teams across the UK and Ireland, Rubicon are pleased to announce that we are rolling out the Archaeological Skills Passport for all our staff. Developed by David Connolly of BAJR, the passport is intended to assist towards professional accreditation, help to identify career gaps, and serve as a means of logging CPD.

Taking the form of a booklet, the passport enables those working in archaeology to record basic competencies across a range of relevant skills and is intended to be used in conjunction with the Skills Passport website (which you can view here). The passport is broken down into a series of separate skill-groups, organised as primary, secondary and tertiary, with each allowing for assessment as the archaeologist progresses from being a novice at the task, to competent, and ultimately proficient. The passport also includes a facility to add additional skill types. The type of skills included as standard can be viewed via the links below:

Core Skills

Secondary Skills

Tertiary Skills

We have taken delivery of our first batch of passports and are currently putting in place the necessary policy and procedures for their adoption, which will take place in the coming weeks.

Skills Passport Image