Rubicon Heritage provides a full range of archaeological and heritage services to the public and private sectors. We deliver tailored heritage solutions and quality assured management support. We are experienced professionals passionate about the past and its preservation for the future. 

Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd

Rubicon Heritage is one of the leading archaeological firms in the Irish Heritage sector. Since 2000 we have provided archaeological advice and support for commercial developers and their agents, local authorities, national heritage organisations and private individuals. Our team offers extensive professional expertise and commercial awareness to ensure the efficient and quality-assured completion of all archaeological projects – no matter the size. Rubicon has a track record of professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to delivering premium quality assistance to meet all your archaeological and heritage needs.


With 20 years’ experience and expertise we lead clients through projects from consultancy to completion. We combine an in depth understanding of archaeology with practical experience of major construction projects. Tailored solutions and expertise ensure that archaeological risks are identified and managed for successful delivery of projects.

Classic Blogs, pre-June 2020

Digging Through the Downturn

The current issue of Archaeology Ireland carries an article by Christine Baker entitled ‘Digging Through the Downturn’, which offers suggestions and solicits opinions on the

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B(l)og Butter in Galway!

Peat bogs have long been recognised as a source of unusual and remarkably well preserved ancient remains – these include famous Bog Bodies like Ireland´s own Clonycavan Man –

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Catching Cupid’s Disease

Late last week our osteoarchaeologist Carmelita Troy made a gruesome discovery amongst an otherwise unremarkable post medieval skeletal assemblage. One of the individuals displayed signs on her remains that

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Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd is the Irish division of the Red River Archaeology Group. Red River Archaeology Group serves the UK market through our sister company ​Red River Archaeology.